The contractor utilizes the services of third party claims for the processing of data on behalf of the client, the process in his job data ( "subcontractors").

These are the following company (s):

Approved Sub-Processors

Service Descripton Responsible for
Cloudinary Cloud-based image management solution Storage and editing of images and video files (media)
Pusher Pusher is a simple hosted API for fast, easy and secure integration of real-time bidirectional functionality via WebSockets into web and mobile applications or any other device connected to the Internet. Chat functionality and real-time notifications in the system
Sendinblue Sendinblue is a transactional email platform email notifications
Sendinblue Sendinblue provides marketing automation for e-commerce companies Information distribution via e-mail
Amazon CloudFront Amazon CloudFront is a Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) service that securely delivers low-latency, high-speed data, video, applications and APIs to your viewers. CloudFront is integrated with AWS - both physical locations directly connected to AWS' global infrastructure and software that works seamlessly with services like AWS Shield to DDoS mitigation, Amazon S3, Elastic Load Balancing or Amazon EC2 as a starting point for your applications works together, and AWS Lambda to execute custom code close to your viewers. Increase media file delivery
Hetzner web hosting provider and experienced data center operator. Dedicated server for the caching of DS content
Mongo DB MongoDB is a document-oriented database program. As NoSQL database program classified, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with schemas. NoSQL data storage
AWS Use of AWS for test and production environments, deployment, CDN, instance monitoring etc.
  • AWS SNS - simple notification service
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk - Service for platform, applications to be launched on this platform
  • AWS EC2 - virtual machines
  • AWS MetadataService - Service for information storage
Domain Factory domain registration and hosting services domain hosting
IONOS SE domain registration and hosting services domain hosting

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Approved subcontractors